23 December 2008

St. Lucia, South Africa

Me in Lobamba, Swaziland. Photo from Kate ( http://nomaddreaming.blogspot.com )

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Hi All! This is a little map of the places that I have seen until now. I'm in a little village called St. Lucia, full of white south-Africans people in holiday. They are very very friendly and invite me for every event as barbecue, ping-pong tournament, pool table, etc... Everybody has a big desire of having fun.
The city is little, as a typical touristic place with a road full of restaurants, pubs and little shops, but all around is Africa: a big lake meets the ocean and inside there is a forest. There are crocodiles, hippopotamus, monkeys and other animals.
From here towards west all the south-Africans cost is full of these little villages, but (for how much I have understood) everyone with a specific characteristic: some more touristic, some less, some noise, some quite, some with large beaches and some small etc...

19 December 2008


Note: From now on I will always make a summary of the Italian post, because I have always problems to translate all in time. Last time I forget to translate some Italian words, sorry (It was not some experimental underground literary style! ;-)

I'm in the kingdom of Swaziland, where the percentage of aids has reached the macabre and almost surreal percentage of 40%. Practically almost one on two.
I'm in a wonderful hostel inside the Milwane park, where there are a lot of antelopes, zebras, ostriches, wild hogs, wildebeests, crocodiles and also hippopotamus (but I still haven't see the hippopotamus, only heard). Also many birds and strange reptiles.
Nothing really happens, everything is very very quite. The hostel is managed by some big big black women that in the evening cook for us around a fire and there are a lot of stars and we hear just and night birds.

Hi Pierre!! I'm so glad of the news!! Great! We will have a lot of fun! :-))

Vilankulo photos:

Swaziland photos:

16 December 2008

Bazaruto Arcipelags, Mango and more fishes...

Hi "English-speaking" guys, sorry but last time I had no time to translate the post. I will riassume here.
The sea of Vilankulo and Bazaruto Arcipelags is wonderful: turquise, green, vivid blue. With the low tide the water is very low and stripes of sand come out. The islands are not so beautiful, very bare but with paradisiac beaches. I went snorkeling and it was full of fishes of various species. Sadly the water was not very clear, so their colors did not shine much. It was fun especially to pass trough horde of thousands of minuscole silver fishes. Very very little ones, but infinite, as a wall opening as I went trough. There were also some big fishes, more than half meter, as colored gropers. But now let's stop talking about fishes (it could be starting almost to be "souspicious" ;-)
Let's talk about mango: the fruit I like most. The first mango I bought in Tofo market for 10 metecas (the Mozambican currency) that is about 30 cents of euro. After, in the same place, I bought 2 for the same price. And so on I descovered that the drop of the price is endless and at the end I bought 10 for 10 metecas, pratically 3 cents of euro each!
Ok, again I have no time :-( there are more things to translate but I will write them directly in the next post.

P.S. Hi Ania!! How is going there? I miss all you also! Filippo just wrote me the story of the police!! Incredible, FUCK THE POLICE, always!

10 December 2008


Hi Guys! I'm in a place called Vilankulo (that in Italian sounds as: mansion in the ass!) and (as my name) sometimes is written with K and sometimes with C. From here I will see the Barzuto archipelagos, maybe tomorrow.
It was hard to quit Tofo, where the days were lazy and I didn't do nothing all day. The only thing I did was a sea-safari, practically is going with a boat trying to watch rare fishes. Sadly we didn't find the special one: the whale-shark, long about 10 meters and with whom is possible to swim together! Of course is a vegetarian shark. We saw instead 2 manta, that are flat fishes, large and long about 3 meters with a rhomboid shape. They swam elegantly almost on the surface.
Many dolphins, I saw already them before, but never so close and for so long time. It looked as they were going in slow motion in their movement up-and-down up-and-down the water. We went near them many times, usually at 10 meters, because when we tried to go further near they disappeared in the big blue.
And finally the head-hammer shark, very courious, that swam lonely.

Pierre, last time I was in a rush and I did not see your comment. Here is hot, but no much, is about 30 degree in the day and the night is fresh. I think the real hot will arrive in the next months. How is going there? Are you coming in January??



Tofo beach.



On a yellow boat.

05 December 2008

Finally sea...

Hi All!! I finally found an internet cafe, but I don't have time to translate all I wrote in the Italian post because they are going to close. Anyway finally the luggage arrived and I could leave the ugly Johannesburg. I went in Maputo, in Mozambique, just for one evening (but I will be back there) and the day after to Tofo, a very beautiful place on the sea. During the trip from Maputo to Tofo we had a little accident on the overcrowded minibus and the place on my left "exploded"! That was because the wheel under disintegrated. Anyway no one was injured. After, on the road, we saw a pullman felt down on its side, a bad accident I think.
Now I'm in Tofo (tough actually I'm writing from Inhamabhame, a cute colonial city near) where there is an huge and long almost desert beach and a fun little market where the fishermen bring fishes and the women try to sell food, drink, clothes ecc... I put some photos. Ciao!

The seat that exploded.

Pullman accident.

Ok... no more "dramatic" images...

My bed, already occupied by a cat!

Tofo market.