27 January 2009

Namibia with Pierre and Frank

Hi guys (and especially Testronic friends!) Pierre and Frank are here and we are having a lot of fun! I really don't have time to write now, so I put just some pictures. Next time I will write about. :-)

Cape Town.

Hi guys! I'm in Namibia with Pierre and Frank since 10 days, we are travelling with a 4x4, next time I will put the pictures. Now I just put some pics from Cape Town.

15 January 2009

Port Elisabeth and Buffalobay

Hi All! Don’t be scared, there was not real danger because they are still “little”!
That was in Port Elisabeth and actually that was a kind of zoo, not a park.
After I went in Buffalo Bay and now I’m in Cape Town but already tomorrow I have to leave for Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, to meet Pierre and Frank!

And as dessert... a good dekaro' a' la' cru.


With this simply delicious baby, Mika, I won a “body shot” that is: she lied down on the counter and her mouth was filled up with alcohol that I drank! Probably, the sweetest kiss of my life! :-)



11 January 2009

Coast to Coast...

The most cool Tatoo of this hot (not so much actually...) African summer: I LOVE DEKARO!! :-))

Hi ALL!! HAPPY NEW YEAR and sorry if I'm soooo late comparing to the italian blog. The fact is that usually there are few internet and there is a queque and I have little time.
Anyway everithing is going very well, I'm travelling on the coast and after St. Lucia I went to Durban (third city of S.A. after Johannesburg and Cape Town) Port St. John (a very hippy place!) Coffebay and Chintza. I met a lot of wonderful people and did a lot of parties :-)

Monkeys in St. Lucia.

One little shop in Durban market.

Gemma (pat me)

Port St. John

Woman in Port St. John


Coffebay hostel, The Coffeshake.

Walking on the cliffs of Coffebay.

All this area is full of these circular little colored houses.

One of the many beaches on the Wild Coast.

Child in Coffebay.

Chintsa, view from my room.