28 November 2008

I'm here, but my luggage somewhere else in the world :-(

Ok! I'm here, but my luggage is somewhere else in the world. Maybe it listened that Johannesburg is a very dangerous city and was scared to be stolen! Anyway I really hope it will arrive tomorrow otherwise I don't know how to do. I practically didn't see the city, tomorrow I will visit the center but I don't think is so-beautiful. As soon (... if) arrives the luggage I go to Maputo.
A strange situation happened on the plane in the route Rome-Athens. A group of totally drunk supporters of Panatinaikos almost had a row in the sky between them! Some of them were in the front and some in the back of the plane. They started to shout and insult and at one point they throw themselves in the middle of the plane to fight. We tried to stop them but there was nothing to do and the two groups met with just a fat hostess in the middle. Miraculously the fight did not start and they went back in their seats shouting bad Greek words, but soon the scene repeated, and again they met in the middle of the plane, and everybody to trow them back and then again in their seats and then again the same for I don't know how many times...
So many flights I had never seen something like that!

26 November 2008

Let's go!! :-)

Ok guys! So I go to Southern Africa. An hard decision to quit the job due the "crisis" but as I have already said on facebook: I don't take decision on basis of wall street trend or little-bourgeoisie fears (that is the risk to not find job after... mmmmm what a terrible thing to be free from work and office hours for ever!!)
And also, for how much I can understand, the "crisis" has always been and will always be around us (poor and good people).
So... follow me... ;-)

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