31 March 2009

Uganda and rafting on the source of the Nile

Hi guys!! I'm in Uganda now. From Zanzibar I went to Arusha (Tanzania) and after I took the bus to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. From there I went to Jinja to do one of the most fun experiences of this journey: the rafting on the source of the Nilo! Amazing!

Hi Pierre! Yes, I saw many interesting places since then. The best I think is Zanzibar, it was wonderful!! :-)
I will show all the pics in full resolution when I will be in London, I think maybe at the end of may. See you soon! :-)


Bus station in Arusha (Tanzania)

Little church in a small masai village, near Arusha

School in a masai village, near Arusha



A strange bird in Kampala, Uganda

Mosquee in Kampala

Football match, Kampala.

Here the Nile is born, moving out from Lake Victoria.

The Nile, view from the guest house in Jinja

Ok. And now some photos of my rafting! The group is formed by 4 pakistans on the front, a danish couple in the middle, me in the back and then the guide.

This is the sequence of the flip:

I'm the one with yellow helmet, almost already under water.

Here we can see just my arm.

And now nothing!

Eh eh...

Some more photos, I'm the one with yellow helmet in the back.

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