19 December 2008


Note: From now on I will always make a summary of the Italian post, because I have always problems to translate all in time. Last time I forget to translate some Italian words, sorry (It was not some experimental underground literary style! ;-)

I'm in the kingdom of Swaziland, where the percentage of aids has reached the macabre and almost surreal percentage of 40%. Practically almost one on two.
I'm in a wonderful hostel inside the Milwane park, where there are a lot of antelopes, zebras, ostriches, wild hogs, wildebeests, crocodiles and also hippopotamus (but I still haven't see the hippopotamus, only heard). Also many birds and strange reptiles.
Nothing really happens, everything is very very quite. The hostel is managed by some big big black women that in the evening cook for us around a fire and there are a lot of stars and we hear just and night birds.

Hi Pierre!! I'm so glad of the news!! Great! We will have a lot of fun! :-))

Vilankulo photos:

Swaziland photos:

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